My work is in the area of landscape. It is particularly suitable to the natural way I paint in that I construct my paintings with a complex series of related color patches. The world of leaves, grass, and natural light, which is highly scattered and broken up provide suitable subject matter for working in this manner. For me, it is a very emergent process. I don't have a preconceived vision or plan and then use painting to carry it out. This type of a process would be too stifling for my personality. Instead, the painting materializes from slow construction and it's final revelation is rather surprising and delightful. Ultimately within my painting process, a questionable, teetering solution is settled upon and the whole fiasco is both tortuous and satisfying almost simultaneously.

The material for my work comes simply from my daily routine. I walk my dogs every evening out in the country where I live always having my phone handy. I am surrounded by the countryside and look for hidden and unusual viewpoints of nature that I can then snapshot which I will use back at my studio to construct my paintings. My work organically grows out of it's own nature so I only need photographs to get the process started and to provide the bare minimum of basic information. I only need the "big stuff" to be correct, that is, the large shapes and overall color schemes. The details spontaneously emerge from there as my work is set in motion. Only in this way have I found I am able to discover results that are fresh and revealing of new ways to see the natural world instead of allowing the scene before me to dominate the process.

My work has never been inspired by an idea or a feeling or some story I need to tell. Somebody put a pencil in my hand one day when I was five years old and I soon discovered that I could create three dimensional worlds on flat, two dimensional surfaces. This blew my mind then and still blows my mind today. I paint because I love to see. I love space and form. It is purely a love of what my eye reads and understands and it is a very simple passion but one that has filled my life with a continuous source of fascination. With every painting, some new discovery about how things are connected in the eye and mind becomes realized. It is these new revelations that keep the process alive within me and my cup full.